Wednesday, June 9, 2010

let's talk about sex.

From an early age there's a very strong taboo about it, probably instilled by our Puritan ancestors, those uptight Christians hated everything that made them feel even an ounce of enjoyment. Your parents tried to protect you from hearing about it. The Media tried to censor it from you. Eventually you learned from someone on the schoolyard that a penis entered a vagina and that's sex & how babies are made. Mind blowing! Then once puberty hit, all you wanted to do was dry hump anything in sight. And you had no shame about it unless you were raised Christian - and especially if you were Catholic.

Most guys spend their teenage years learning to become one with their dicks and seeing how many times they can jerk off in a single day. Girls fantasize about how they'll hook up with their crush and not let him go all the way unless he says "I love you." (Or god forbid, fantasize about saving it for their wedding night! I don't know about you, but I wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first. Why would you marry someone without testing out the dick?) If you're lucky enough to grow up in a house with a detachable showerhead, being a girl in your teenager years can be quite enjoyable as well. However, sex in your teen years will probably not be very enjoyable because the case will either be both of your are virgins, one of you is a virgin, or you're both so consumed with guilt during the act itself that you can't even have a good time. Besides, I can't imagine any penis under the age of 18 being able to last more than 10 minutes once it’s inside a young, tight vagina for it to be even a little pleasurable for a young girl. (Then again, I've met my share of men in their 20s that can barely last 10 minutes inside my vagina.)

Then there's oral sex. While the concept may seem simple, it actually requires a lot of talent and dedication - from both parties. I met a lot of girls who said they never gave blowjobs or even that they hated doing it. All I could wonder was, why? Blowjobs have the ability to bring any man to his knees - literally, if they reciprocate the act for you. You can pretty much get any man to do anything if you blow him every once in a while. You should harness this power and use it to your advantage. Become the best damn cocksucker you can and you'll have any guy wrapped around your finger in no time. Guys however, are apparently clueless as to how this act of cunnilingus works. I’ve heard the line “Oh, I love licking pussy. I’m so good at it.” more times than I can count on both hands. And yet, I’ve failed to experience this mind-blowing, earth shattering, knee-shaking orgasm you promised me while I’m laying on my back, staring hopelessly at the ceiling, and you’re trying to GPS your way around my labia with your tongue.

Personally, I love sex. It’s great. Especially when you find someone else who is just as good at it as you are, then it’s amazing. I love all kinds of positions and tricks and dirty talk – you name it. (Except Anal – that’s where I draw the line. It just wasn’t for me.) Don’t be afraid of it. It feels good because it’s supposed to and that’s why you’re conditioned to feel guilty about it. You should be having great, mind-blowing sex all the time while you still can. I went to the gynecologist’s office once and on that sheet of patient information, you’re supposed to write down how many sexual partners you’ve had. My doctor looked at my number and said, “15? Really? But you’re so young!” (I was 25) Clearly she didn’t have enough sex in college, or now either probably. Then she proceeded to say to me, “Well, I’m sure that number won’t go up anymore now that you’re getting older.” She judged me. She judged me because I enjoyed having sex. Mind you, not all 15 of those encounters resulted in great, mind-blowing sex, but it’s just like anything in life – you keep trying out different things until you find something you like. For some people it’s cars, for others it’s shoes, for me – it was dick.

My sexual experiences started out pretty generic. It all began when I was 16. I was in a relationship with a guy for a few months, we were IN LOVE, and I decided it was time for us to exchange V-cards. It was all downhill from here. I cheated on that boyfriend for an entire summer once with a guy I was basically having an entirely separate relationship with, other than the fact that we weren’t actually boyfriend and girlfriend, while my real boyfriend sat at home playing online RPGs on his computer. Encounter #3 was a one off with a guy that I had just kind of been cuddle-slutting around with for a while and wanted to test the waters to see what he was like in bed. Due to his excessive use of various recreation drugs over his lifetime, it was very short lived and I was able to check that one off my list. Guy #4 was someone I shared a very special connection with. We got along amazingly well both spiritually and physically; I actually wound up taking HIS virginity. But we never meshed into any kind of serious romantic relationship. (He was probably a commitment-phobe at the time.)

Numbers Five and Six were guys that I was dating that eventually led to two separate two year long relationships. And after that last breakup, I was full speed ahead, fucking anything that I deemed worthy of entering my vagina. (And probably some things that were totally not worthy of entering my vagina, but I was in a bad place at the time.) I actually sat down one day and ranked all 15 partners from “Best” to “Worst” to “Did that really even count?” (I guess if I actually DID count him, then my number would be 16 – Maybe I’ll leave it at 15 & ½) One person stood out as the leader of the pack: Number #13. He is without a doubt the most amazing, passionate, in tune lover that I have ever had. I came every time, he never came before me, and none of our sex sessions have lasted under an hour. It will be very hard to unseat #13 as the ruler of my G-spot.

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