Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love, Part deux.

So here's my issues with love. Based on my last post, I'm clearly able to find it. But making it last - that is something I'm still trying to master. I watch couples in real life, on tv, read about them in books, and they have these loving relationships where the love never seems to run out or fade away; and sometimes it even gets stronger. Does this happen for real? Or is it all an allusion? I have never been in love with someone for more than a year & a half tops maybe. How do you keep that spark going? Keep that love thang going?

I am afraid to try again & have it crash and burn so quickly. I want a love that will last all through the ages, hell or high water. I want someone to love me so deeply & passionately that I always know they love me and never am left to question or second guess it. And for me to always feel the same in return. Is that too much to ask? Am I really being realistic with these demands?

I guess ill never know really until I get to that place, get past the mark of worry-ment, to know that everything is ok and fine. I hope to get there one day soon though and prove myself and everyone else wrong who may have had doubts about the strength and reality of love. To show them that it can and does exist and can, in fact, last a lifetime.

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