Friday, June 4, 2010

On a serious note...

The BP Oil spill is now on day 45, spewing approximately 4 Million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico per day - The exact total emitted thus far by the broken oil drilling platform, the Deepwater Horizon, remains unknown. Efforts up to this point to cap the oil spill have all failed. This has become the largest Oil Spill disaster in History, with currently no end in sight. It is unknown at this point in time when the oil will cease to flow out of the pipes. It is unknown what kind of impact this will have on our oceans, our environment, on the future of our Planet.

Sea mammals, birds, fisheries have all been exposed and contaminated. Images of oil soaked waterfowl and dead fish floating through oil slicks are plastered all over the news. What can be done? How do we hold BP accountable for this kind of destruction, this kind of negligence? How does BP fix this, make this right - with an apology? By paying reparations? There is no forgiveness in this, not from Mother Earth, already ravaged in the past 200 years by Industrial Revolution, various Wars, Nuclear fall out, Pollution, Overpopulation.

BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward basically compares the oil spill to a drop in a bucket of the enormity that is the ocean, and that the overall environmental impact will be "very modest". All he has to say for himself is "I'm Sorry" and that he wants his "life back". Really, Sir? You want your life back?

How about the lives of 11 Oil Riggers killed when the Deepwater Horizon exploded?

How about all the citizens of the Gulf region who can no longer live safely along the coast, can no longer earn livings that involve working around the ocean? Those who have became ill from Oil contamination?

And this little guy? He wants his life back, too.

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